Fletcher's flagship restaurant is a 50-seat counter service restaurant in Gowanus, Brooklyn, honoring the uniquely American tradition of crafting pit smoked barbecue. Barbecue is religion to most Americans; wherever you’re from is the only real barbecue to you. We tend to think you’re right. Whether it be brisket and sausage in texas, pork in the carolinas, ribs in the midwest, or tacos on the west-coast, it’s all authentic barbecue. We’re true fans of all ‘cue, but we don’t try to recreate regional styles. Here in Brooklyn, we create our own style of ‘cue that melds the tradition of wood fire cooking with responsible farming and flavor profiles inspired from the many ethnicities experienced while walking the streets of the largest borough of New York City.

In addition to our main store in Gowanus, we are proud to be a part of the amazing food down at the Dekalb Market Hall in downtown Brooklyn. Come check us out seven days a week! More info available at Dekalb Market Hall.