Gratuity Included

Fletcher’s is proud to announce our Gratuity Included policy. Fletcher's has joined the movement to remove the sporadic and unfair tipping policies traditionally found in restaurants. We no longer ask our customers to provide a tip so that our staff can earn a fair living wage. We are solely responsible for our staff’s daily take-home pay for the job they perform. All hourly staff at Fletcher’s are now paid the same base wage, regardless of position. This change means that our staff who prepare your food, those that serve your food, and those who clean our restaurant are equally compensated for their equally important contributions to our business. 

We have restructured our menu in several ways to continue to provide value to our loyal customer base, and support our efforts to better and more equally compensate our staff. Through examining our core costs, we have been able to reduce the cost of several menu items, while some more costly items have increased. To balance these adjustments, we have introduced a barbecue platter offering a significantly reduced price from our a la carte offerings. 

We know change can be confusing and hard. We are proud to be an organization that supports the movement to pay people a fair living wage. We hope that you will continue to support us as we grow into our fourth year of serving our brooklyn barbecue to you!