Our Barbecue

Hello. We’re a small scale barbecue restaurant smoking our fare over maple and red oak. Like many of our Brooklyn neighbors we believe in supporting farms utilizing humane practices in a sustainable  environment. We strive to source meats from farm-cooperatives raising animals that are all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and traceable. While this is more expensive to source, we believe preparing these meats in the uniquely American tradition of pit barbecue creates really wonderful 'cue. We hope you agree. Our menu at our Gowanus location rotates based on what we’re able to buy on a daily basis. Below is a sample menu; please understand that we may not have everything, every day.

Our Barbecue:
Pork ribs: $9.95 1/2 lb 
Pulled pork: $5.95 1/4 lb
Char siu pork: $7.95 1/4 lb
Brisket flat $6.95 1/4 lb
Burnt ends $7.95 1/4 lb
Beef chili $7.95 cup; $10.95 bowl
BBQ chicken:
$5.95 leg (dark meat)
$7.95 breast (white meat)
$13.95 breast & leg

Our Sandwiches:
Chopped pork with vinegar bbq sauce, topped with coleslaw:  $9.95
Chopped beef with red bbq sauce, topped with pickles: $11.95
Chopped chicken with white bbq sauce, topped with coleslaw: $10.95
Brisket cheesesteak with house cheese sauce and onions on top: $12.95
Phi Kappa Slamma $12.95

Our Cold Sides:
$1.95 SM 4oz; $3.95 MD 8oz; 5.95 LG 12oz
Coleslaw, potato salad, fridge pickles, market pickles

Our Hot Sides
$2.95 SM 4oz; $5.95 MD 8oz; $7.95 LG 120z
Pit-smoked beans, collard greens, mac & cheese; chili mac (+$1)

Cornbread $2.95
Banana pudding $4.95

The Fletcher's Platter:
Serves one person: $20.95
Choose two meats and two sides. Served with cornbread, rolls, and pickles. 

Choose two meats (1/4 lb each): 
Brisket, pulled pork, chicken (leg or breast), beef chili, char siu (+$1), burnt ends (+$1); pork ribs 1/2 lb (+$3)

Choose two sides (4oz each):
Coleslaw, potato salad, pickles, collard greens, pit smoked beans, mac & cheese, chili mac (+$1)

Lunch Meal:
Offered M-F from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. For an additional $2 make any barbecue meat or sandwich a "lunch meal" with the addition of any cold side or chips, plus your choice of a soda, iced tea or lemonade. 

Draft Beer:
Miller High Life Lager
Coney Island Pilsner
Brooklyn East IPA

We also offer a curated whiskey selection and several rotating seasonal cocktails. 

Please call for daily specials, and keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter