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About Us

Taste the powerful crust of barbecue brisket smoked over a live fire.

Watch a master carver present half a rack of glistening pork spare ribs to you.

Parents and children gathering for an early dinner.

Co-workers and friends starting their night on the town.

Blue-grass on the radio, sharing ‘cue with friends & family, laughing & eating, eating, eating.

This is Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue.

A little about Fletcher's

Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue is a 50-seat counter service restaurant in Gowanus, Brooklyn, honoring the uniquely American tradition of crafting pit smoked barbecue. We’re a small scale restaurant cooking our fare over sugar maple and red oak fires. Like many of our Brooklyn neighbors we believe in supporting cattle farms utilizing humane practices in a sustainable environment.

Since opening on 3rd avenue in Gowanus, we have expanded our reach to Downtown Bklyn within the Dekalb Market Hall, and out in the Rockaways at the Riis Beach Bazaar. 

Barbecue is religion to most Americans, and wherever you’re from is the only real barbecue to you. We tend to think you’re right. Whether it be brisket and sausage in texas, pork in the carolinas, ribs in the midwest, or tacos on the west-coast, it’s all authentic barbecue. We’re true fans of all ‘cue, but we don’t try to recreate regional styles. Here in Brooklyn, we create our own style of ‘cue that melds the tradition of wood fire cooking with responsible farming and flavor profiles inspired from the many ethnicities experienced while walking the streets of the largest borough of New York City.

At Fletcher’s you’ll find double-smoked brisket burnt ends alongside sweet and savory char siu pork shoulder; pickled garlic scapes next to honey-glazed cornbread; a selection of local draft beers; and a curated offering of American whiskeys and signature craft cocktails.

The menu at Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue

Our menu rotates based on what we’re able to buy on a daily basis and includes classic counter-service barbecue peppered with weekly market-driven treats. We make all of our barbecue sauces, pickles, and spice rubs by hand, in-house, daily. Our fires run day and night, fueled only by local sugar maple and red oak firewood. We strive to source meats from farm-cooperatives raising animals that are all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and traceable. While this is more expensive to source, we believe preparing these meats in the uniquely American tradition of pit barbecue creates really wonderful 'cue. We hope you agree.